At White Rock Minerals LLC, we offer a wide range of construction aggregates and minerals that are suitable for a variety of applications. Our products are carefully sourced from our own quarries and other reputable suppliers, and we ensure that they meet the highest quality standards.

Our products include a range of aggregates such as sand, stone, limestone, gravel, road base, red shale, and more. We also offer cement and construction materials such as steel grade limestone, cement grade limestone, and crushed aggregates.

Our construction aggregates are suitable for a range of applications such as road construction, building foundations, landscaping, and more. We offer various grades of limestone and other materials that are suitable for use in the production of cement and other construction materials.

At White Rock Minerals LLC, we understand that our clients have specific requirements, and we work closely with them to ensure that they receive the products that meet their needs. Our team of experts can provide technical advice and support to help our clients choose the right products for their projects.

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Limestone as a natural resource has been a primary raw material to various industries like Cement, Steel, Paints and Chemicals. The quality of limestone in the UAE is regarded as one of the best in the world. UAE alone is responsible for supplying close to 40% of the world Limestone amounting to US$500 Million annually. The growth is almost 30% in value.


The high-grade Limestone Quarry own by White Rock Minerals LLC is situated in Al Taween area of Fujairah in UAE. The quarry own by us has large reserve of high-grade Limestone. We can supply large quantities of gray high-grade Limestone in different sizes.

Our sizes are:

10-40 mm  |  30-60 mm   |   40-80 mm   |   60-110 mm   |  0-5 mm   |  5-10 mm   |  10-20 mm

The high-grade limestone of our quarry has very low Silica content and suitable for Steel, Chemical, Cement and other industries.

The chemical composition of the Limestone is as under :

Chemical Parameter
Specification % by wt.
CaO (Calcium Oxide)
54 % minimum
SiO2 (Silicon Di Oxide)
0.35 % - 0.75 %
MgO (Magnesium Oxide)
0.75 % maximum
Fe2O3 (Ferrous Oxide)
0.10 % - 0.15 %


The production of the high-grade limestone is through Open cast mechanized Mines with modern sophisticated Crushing & sizing plant. Production capacity – Presently we have 6 million tons per year capacity. The Operation at Quarry are stringent on site technical control and quality control ensuring that the products are produced in accordance with standard specifications or to customer’s own requirements.


0 - 5 mm
5 - 10 mm
10 - 20 mm
10 - 30 mm
20 - 40 mm
30 - 60 mm
40 - 60 mm


Limestone uses vary in different industry types. Being an essential raw material in the production of iron and steel, around 140 -160 million tons of Limestone is being globally consumed by the Iron and Steel industry, making the UAE world’s biggest limestone supplier and exporter. In the construction industry, Limestone is used as a significant aggregate to build roads, buildings, and make cement and concrete.

Presently, the limestone in UAE is mainly exploited for construction aggregate. UAE is said to have the best quality of limestone in terms of chemical, mineralogical, and physical properties. This fact is supported by the British Geological Survey (BGS). A third of the limestone production of the Northern Emirates of UAE has been found of high purity which is used as a raw material for the production of paint, plastic, caulks, food and pharmaceuticals, animal feed, glass, etc.

Since 2003, we undertake supplies to all over U.A.E. And other G.C.C.Countries for various sizes of aggregates, quarry run and armour rock suitable in the market need.


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